Bidding & Contract Administration Services

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Bidding & Contract Administration

Kipcon’s knowledge and experience allows us to offer these services which are critical to the successful completion of all construction projects.

Our bidding services ensure that contractors are providing proposals to your community that are clear and consistent in the scope of work. We conduct an analysis of the bids provided and prepare a detailed summary so you can compare proposals at a glance. Kipcon works with a wide range of quality contractors and can assist your community in making an educated and informed decision so the project is completed successfully.

Kipcon’s contract administration services can provide your community with peace of mind knowing that our expertise allows us to anticipate and avoid project delays and cost overruns. We will provide construction oversight services to ensure that your project comes in on-time and within budget. Contract administration services include:

  • Pre-construction meetings
  • Construction inspections for compliance to design specifications
  • Handwritten daily reports
  • Punchlist preparation
  • Invoice Verification/Payment Authorization


All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon or request a proposal today and let us take care of your concerns.

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