CAI National Reserve Study Standards (2016 Update)

CAI National Reserve Study Standards (2016 Update)

The updated paper will be published and available later this year after final review. The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has established reserve study standards prepared for the users and preparers of Reserve Studies nationwide. The standards provide information and definitions regarding reserve studies, describe the four recognized levels of service regarding reserve studies and list the required report contents of a reserve study.

These national standards are currently being updated and Mitch Frumkin, Kipcon president, as well as Robert Browning of The Browning Reserve Group in California, have been co-chairs throughout this process.

Over the past 6 months I have been co-chairing a national task to review and update the National Reserve Study Standards of the Community Associations Institute. The goal has been to make the standards as clear and understandable as possible so that Associations across the country can review and  interpret their studies in the same way. While major changes have not been made to the concepts, this updated version will be of great benefit to the entire industry. – Mitchell H. Frumkin, PE, RS, CGP

The updated standards will be available later this year.


Reserve Study Standards




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  1. Everett Belvin Williams January 27, 2017 Reply

    I will comment after I have had a chance to read the Updated Standards.


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