Capital Needs Assessments

Capital Needs Assessments

When you want to have an in-depth assessment of your building which will provide the condition of all major components from the roof to the exterior building and the mechanical systems, Kipcon can provide this service.

This report will include a description of all aspects of the building including an operational overview of all systems in regards to the ongoing cost of maintenance as well as energy.

  • Get the most accurate picture of your community’s physical and financial health.
  • Kipcon can review your funding plan & make recommendations on how much money you should be setting aside.
  • Kipcon can schedule an inspection for you and develop a priority list for repairs.
  • Kipcon can develop the specifications, prepare and distribute the bid package, analyze the bids and prepare a comparison spreadsheet.
  • Kipcon will meet with your board to review the best course of action and provide construction oversight once the project begins.
  • Kipcon will provide suggestions about how to save maintenance and energy costs!


We invite you to visit Kipcon’s YouTube Channel to learn more about our capabilities in preparing Capital Needs Assessments.


All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon or request a proposal today and let us take care of your concerns.

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