Case Studies

Project: Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

Commercial Reconstruction

Starland Ballroom - 3 Overview: Starland Ballroom, one of the top-selling concert venues on the East Coast, was closed for over 10 months after Super Storm Sandy submerged and completely damaged the interior of the building. Inspections also revealed drainage, façade and paving issues that existed pre-Sandy. For more details, click here.




Project: Brookview CA, Hillsborough, NJ

Drainage Improvements

Picture2 Overview:
 In the Fall of 2015, the Brookview Condominium Association in Hillsborough decided to correct their ongoing drainage problems at the entrances
to a row of open garages at one of the multi-unit buildings on Revere Court. The problems were caused by storm water runoff from the adjacent courtyard and roof downspouts. The ponding would continuously collect on the interior concrete garage floor slabs. As a result, the garage slabs and adjacent asphalt pavement were beginning to deteriorate. During freezing weather, the icing conditions would become hazardous to drivers and pedestrians. Kipcon observed the area and determined that a portion of the runoff drained toward existing trench drains that were not designed for this amount of runoff. For more details, click here.


Project: Ocean Cove, Long Branch, NJ

Flat Roof Replacement

Ocean Cove - 2 Overview: Ocean Cove is an eleven-story oceanfront luxury high rise built in the 1980’s in Long Branch, New Jersey. As a result of Super Storm Sandy, the existing roof system sustained damage and needed to be replaced. For more details, click here.



Project: Queens Square, Franklin Park, NJ

Pavement Remediation

Queens Square - 3 Overview:  Queens Square is a 100-unit condominium complex located in Franklin Park, New Jersey. The roadway and areas of curbing were in poor condition and in need of replacement prior to the beginning of construction. There were various types of drainage issues including ponding and damaged inlet structures. The pavement and curb remediation addressed these conditions. For more details, click here.


Project: Ria Mar Restaurant, South River, NJ

Site Plan

Ria Mar - 1Overview: The owner of Ria Mar Restaurant in South River, New Jersey undertook an expansion to the existing restaurant facility to include a lobby, banquet hall, and outdoor dining area. The expansion included additional parking for patrons and employees with an improved parking lot circulation plan. As part of the overall site design,  Kipcon also designed a larger stormwater management system to meet municipal, county and state requirements for minimizing runoff and ensuring water quality. Designing a stormwater system with capacity to handle the increased runoff from the expanded building and parking area was problematic on the highly constrained site. Lack of open space and proximity of neighboring residential structures and the South River limited the options. A subsurface stormwater management system was designed with enough capacity to meet requirements for water quality while not increasing runoff onto adjacent properties and streets. This configuration allowed for maximum use of the site’s size while minimizing the expansion’s overall impact on the surrounding residential community. For more details, click here.


Project: The Oaks, New Brunswick, NJ

Shingle Roof Replacement

The Oaks - 2 Overview: The Oaks at North Brunswick consists of thirteen (13) two-story buildings. In 2013, Kipcon Inc. provided engineering specifications for replacing the roofs on three (3) buildings, continuing a project that was started several years ago. The existing steep-slope roofs consisted of a three-tab asphalt shingle. During Kipcon’s pre-design survey, it was determined that the existing shingles were failing due to premature aging of the shingles from poor attic ventilation. Proper ventilation design is an important criterion for a long-term performance of an asphalt shingle roof.  Proper ventilation reduces heating and cooling costs, eliminates moisture and mold problems and is required by the roofing manufacturer to   obtain the shingle warranty and is required by the N.J. Uniform Construction Code (NJUCC). For more details, click here.

Project: Winding Brook, Tinton Falls, NJ

Siding Replacement

Winding Brook - 3 Overview: Winding Brook of Tinton Falls is a 248-unit condominium community comprised of thirty-four buildings and a clubhouse located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. When Kipcon prepared the Detailed Reserve Study Update in 2009, the community was approximately 25 years of age and the cedar    siding was showing signs of deterioration and was in need of replacement. Kipcon recommended that the Association look into replacing the cedar siding with vinyl to prevent further deterioration and higher maintenance costs. For more details, click here.


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