Wood Avenue – Iselin, NJ (Parking Garage Remediation)

Project: 99 Wood Avenue – Iselin, NJ

Parking Garage Remediation

Overview: The 99 Wood Avenue parking garage is located in Iselin, New Jersey. The structure is a multi-story, split level parking garage that provides parking for the adjacent commercial building. The floors are a combination of post-tensioned cast-in-place flat concrete slabs on concrete beams and columns and double tee slabs with a topping. The exterior of the parking garage is covered with precast concrete panels. The parking garage has a footprint area of approximately 80,000 sq. ft. The supported slabs are waterproofed with a traffic bearing membrane. The approximate age of the parking garage was 26 years in 2015 when Kipcon was brought in to inspect its structure. There was a significant amount of corrosion and severe deterioration/spalling of the concrete slabs throughout the parking garage. Kipcon recommended that during year one of remediation, cleaning and painting of precast panel to slab connections should occur. In addition, repairs to the concrete stairs with the installation of expansion joints to reduce deterioration caused by movement should be completed as well as any potential hazardous concrete slab repairs. Kipcon is currently overseeing Phase 1 of the remediation.

Services Provided:

  • Visual evaluation of severe parking garage structural deterioration
  • Preparation of structural remediation designs for parking garage deterioration
  • Bidding services
  • Contract oversight of structural remediation


  • Kipcon developed structural plans for remediation of the concrete and double tee slabs as well as the concrete columns within the parking garage

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