Ocean Cove (Flat Roof Replacement)

Project: Ocean Cove, Long Branch, NJ

Flat Roof Replacement

Overview: Ocean Cove is an eleven-story oceanfront luxury high rise built in the 1980’s in Long Branch, New Jersey. As a result of Super Storm Sandy, the existing roof system sustained damage and needed to be replaced.

Ocean Cove - 1 Ocean Cove - 2

Services Provided:

  • Performed a roof investigation and testing to evaluate current conditions.
  • Performed an analysis of all rooftop mechanical/electrical equipment, stacks, duct penetrations, conduit, piping, curbing/supports and penetrations that required modifications for installation of new roofing system.
  • Performed roof wind-uplift analysis.
  • Evaluated adjacent building materials and finishes that would require modification as part of the roofing project.
  • Solicited bids from and performed contract negotiations with potential contractors to present to the Association.
  • Provided contract administration services to the Association to ensure that all contractor work was   carried out in an accurate and timely manner within the budget allocated.


  • Partnered with Carlisle Syntec Systems as a Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance (SRWA) consultant, Kipcon designed a roofing system which could withstand designed wind speeds of 120 MPH and obtained a Manufacturer’s 20 year/no dollar limit (NDL) total roof system warranty.

For a PDF file: Ocean Cove – Flat Roof Replacement

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