Queens Square (Pavement Remediation)

Project: Queens Square, Franklin Park, NJ

Pavement Remediation

Overview: Queens Square is a 100-unit condominium complex located in Franklin Park, New Jersey. The roadway and areas of curbing were in poor condition and in need of replacement prior to the beginning of construction. There were various types of drainage issues including ponding and damaged inlet structures. The pavement and curb remediation addressed these conditions.

Queens Square - 1 Queens Square - 2 Queens Square - 3


Services Provided:

  • Inspected current conditions of asphalt, inlets and concrete curbing.
  • Prepared specification for removal and replacement of all existing asphalt, sub-base and curbing, where necessary.
  • Performed inspection of all drainage inlets for replacement or repair of any damage.
  • Coordinated the installation of signage on all new pavement markings.
  • Prepared detailed scope/schedule of work, to be performed  by the contractor.
  • Solicitation of bids from contractors and contract negotiations.
  • Performed contract administration services to certify that all work was completed according to specifications.


  • Existing poor drainage conditions/patterns were addressed during the pavement remediation.
  • Designated parking areas were delineated by the installation of the new pavement markings as well as signage.
  • Project was completed within scheduled time and per budget allocated.
  • Project was performed with very little inconvenience to residents.

For a PDF file: Queens Square- Paving Revision

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