Ria Mar Restaurant (Site Plan)

Project: Ria Mar Restaurant, South River, NJ

Site Plan

Overview: The owner of Ria Mar Restaurant in South River, New Jersey undertook an expansion to the existing restaurant facility to include a lobby, banquet hall, and outdoor dining area. The expansion included additional parking for patrons and employees with an improved parking lot circulation plan. As part of the overall site design,  Kipcon also designed a larger stormwater management system to meet municipal, county and state requirements for minimizing runoff and ensuring water quality.

Designing a stormwater system with capacity to handle the increased runoff from the expanded building and parking area was problematic on the highly constrained site. Lack of open space and proximity of   neighboring residential structures and the South River limited the options. A subsurface stormwater management system was designed with enough capacity to meet requirements for water quality while not increasing runoff onto adjacent properties and streets. This configuration allowed for maximum use of the site’s size while minimizing the expansion’s overall impact on the surrounding residential community.

Ria Mar - 1


Services Provided:

  • Provided site engineering design services including site layout, utility, grading and stormwater    management system design.
  • Coordinated architectural design of restaurant expansion with proposed site improvements to ensure ease of accessibility and visibility of architectural features.
  • Coordinated with approving agencies to ensure meeting of all municipal, county and state             requirements for development.


  • Designed a custom subsurface infiltration system basing its depth, configuration and location on the results of on-site soil testing and its performance characteristics on requirements for removal of collected contaminants and solids.
  • Designed a custom overflow discharge point at the gutter line of an adjacent municipal street      eliminating the possibility of overflow onto adjacent residential properties during larger storm events.
  • Maximized developable site area without increasing impact.

For a PDF file: Ria Mar – Site Plan             

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