Cooling Towers & Air Cooled Condensers


Cooling Towers & Air Cooled Condensers

For 30 years, Kipcon has been designing new cooling towers and upgrading and inspecting existing ones.

Kipcon now performs drone inspections of all buildings, including cooling towers. The use of drone technology for this type of inspection not only increases safety by eliminating the need for scaffolding, but also increases quality and efficiency due to drones’ high quality 4k cameras and cutting-edge editing software.

You need it…we design it

Kipcon provides structural designs for new cooling towers and retrofits of existing towers, whether it be a cross-flow, counter-flow, wood, concrete fiberglass, wet and/or dry system. This includes basin design and basin load tables. Designs can incorporate an unlimited range of temperature considerations, as well as seismic and wind constraints. Furthermore, we personalize the calculations based on any code or owner requirements.

You have it…we inspect it

Kipcon also provides complete cooling tower inspection services and can develop remedial plans of action for retrofitting towers of different and mixed materials. Kipcon’s professional engineers and licensed inspectors can perform concrete basin evaluations using non-invasive testing techniques and comment on the structural adequacy of the design. Kipcon Inc. now provides high quality and exceedingly efficient drone inspections cooling towers. These inspections are easier, safer, and more accurate than ever before.

You want drawings…we will draft them

Kipcon prepares a number of drawing packages, including erection plans, connection and fabrication details using the latest CAD software. Depending on the size of the tower and its general configuration, these plans can be provided in as little as four weeks.

Kipcon Also Offers…

Structural evaluations of air cooled condensers for windscreen additions.


All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon or request a proposal today and let us take care of your concerns.

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