Drone Services

The future is here. We have partnered with ABJ Drones, an international expert drone firm, to provide our clients with the most cutting edge drone engineering services the industry has to offer. Drone technology is now incorporated into all of our services, and is guaranteed to increase quality and efficiency without breaking the bank. 


Some of the highlights of our innovative drone services include:

Building & Cooling Tower Inspections

Say goodbye to expensive lifts and scaffolding. Roof, facade and cooling tower inspections are easier, safer, and more accurate than ever before. Equipped high quality 4K cameras and powerful optical zoom, drones miss nothing.

Thermographic Imaging

Thermal imaging allows our engineers to identify areas of water infiltration without any moisture probing or invasive testing. A quick flyover will now show us what typically required extensive time and effort. 

Site Inspections

Roadway, sidewalk, grading and other site evaluations are now quickly and efficiently performed as a drone scans the area in a fraction of the time it would take one of our engineers to walk the site. Drones are also the perfect solution for your pre-construction documentation or due diligence inspection needs. Learn more about our drone pavement inspections here.

3D Mapping & Topographic Surveys

From up to 400 feet in the air, a drone will cover entire acres of land as it captures and stitches together thousands of detailed photos to create an incredibly accurate 3D model. Because of the camera’s zoom capabilities, these modelswill show everything from an overview of the site down to a crack in the road. Precise elevation measurements are also taken in order to create a topographic survey.


All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon or request a proposal today and let us take care of your concerns.

Want to offer drone services as a part of your business? Find out about joining our Drone Network Affiliates!

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