Energy Squared, LLC, Hillman Consulting, LLC and Kipcon Inc., Form Strategic Alliance

energy-squared-llcEnergy Squared, LLC, Hillman Consulting, LLC and Kipcon Inc.announced today a strategic alliance to offer clients innovative comprehensive Energy, Environmental and Engineering solutions.

Each of the three companies has specific expertise in complimentary service areas allowing the alliance a unique opportunity to provide a truly full service experience to their customers. By engaging clients at all levels of the design, construction and building life-cycle process, the alliance will drive new collective growth opportunities.

“Kipcon has been an innovator in community association services for over 25 years by continually developing integrated approach strategies to our clients” said Mitchell H. Frumkin, PE, RS, CGP, Founder and President of Kipcon, Inc. “This alliance will add to our strength and commitment in delivering the customized, high quality services that our clients have come to expect from Kipcon.”

Energy Squared’s energy conservation and sustainability design services and Kipcon’s engineering and consulting expertise combined with Hillman’s environmental and health and safety capabilities will significantly enhance each company’s ability to deliver a reliable service package to a diverse client base.

“As a leader in the environmental services industry, it is increasingly important to offer our clients a full service option with trusted partners to meet their building needs” stated Christopher Hillman, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Hillman Consulting, LLC. “Our companies share the same philosophies and values making this alliance fundamental in meeting our clients’ expectations.”

The team of Energy Squared, Hillman Consulting and Kipcon, are poised to transition the traditional way businesses formulate their approach to engaging their engineering and environmental service needs. With the complete integration of services, this alliance offers an opportunity for our clients to implement a comprehensive, cost-effective strategic service package.

“Our professionals are recognized for their expertise in providing energy-efficient sustainable design engineering” said Allan Samuals, Co-Founder and President of Energy Squared, LLC. “By combining our unique strengths with two industry leaders we have the potential to transform the engineering and environmental services marketplace with the integration of cost-saving design.”

As part of the strategic alliance, Energy Squared, Hillman and Kipcon will increase their geographic basic offering energy,environmental and engineering services from 16 offices throughout the United States.

About Energy Squared, LLC

Energy Squared, LLC is a full service energy design consultant firm providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs,specifications, building performance modeling, energy simulation and renewable energy services. From the initial analysis to completing the project and obtaining the applicable rebates and incentives, Energy Squared will expedite each step of the process using life cycle costing to minimize the total cost of ownership. The engineers at Energy Squared have years of experience providing energy conservation and sustainability design services for all types of commercial, retail and residential high, mid and low rise buildings both in the United States and internationally. To find out more, please visit

About Hillman Consulting

Hillman Consulting, LLC has been a well-recognized leader in the Environmental & Engineering Consulting industry since 1985. They are a full service consulting firm offering a comprehensive range of Environmental Health & Occupational Safety, Emergency Management & Disaster Response, Geology & Hydrogeology, Real Estate Due Diligence, Construction Engineering and Laboratory Analysis services. Their goal is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for your environmental needs while maintaining their ongoing commitment to safety. To find our more, please visit


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