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At Kipcon, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with cost savings opportunities.

With the introduction of third-party energy in a deregulated market in the northeast, Kipcon has worked with the largest third-party provider in the country to develop a model just for Community Associations. In this model, not only do the homeowners save on their energy costs, but the Association can also receive up to $5.50 per unit per month, for each home that enrolls.


Although the homeowner may change the supplier of their energy, the bills still come from the same place, the local utility company. The only change is that the energy comes from someone other than the utility company.

Delivery and Service

The delivery of the energy as well as all service is still provided by the local utility company with a seamless transition to the new company as well as back to the utility at any time, under most plans.


The advantage of third-party energy is the cost savings on the electricity supply portion of the bill due to purchasing from a deregulated supplier.

Obligations: Becoming a part of this new, exciting program is simple and has no obligations. For the homeowners, the process of changing is simple and seamless. The educational material to learn about this opportunity is specially prepared for the community along with their own website!

ENERGY Supply Solutions

ENERGY Supply Solutions, LLC.

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