Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA)

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Green Physical Needs Assessments (GPNA)

Kipcon has the industry knowledge to keep your housing authority on top of the latest requirements through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Completion and submission of the new GPNA is required for all housing authorities within a year of adoption. Kipcon has the experience to help you with the implementation of the Green Physical Needs Assessment, we are offering our services to implement as well as assist in managing the GPNA process.

The services we provide include:

  • Installing the GPNA Tool on your computer system
  • Collecting proper pre-assessment data for input into the tool
  • Inputting data into the tool to generate the required data forms
  • Select required statistical samples for assessments from various sites within an AMP
  • Perform the energy audit requirements of the GPNA
  • Complete field assessments
  • Input data into the tool and generate the PNA report
  • Transmit required information to HUD
  • Assistance in maintaining an updated database to keep the PNA current


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