Kipcon Now on YouTube

Kipcon Now on YouTube

In order to continue leading the industry, we at Kipcon always strive to stay ahead of the curve while remaining both honest and accessible to our clients.  As a result, Kipcon’s marketing team has recently begun to produce various promotional and educational videos on YouTube for not only our current clients, but for the industry as a whole.

Why Kipcon?

At Kipcon Engineering, we know we are different.  We want to show and tell you why!  In order to do so, we have put together a few videos to explain to potential clients who we are as a company and why Kipcon should be your engineer of choice for all of your projects.  Please take a moment to watch our video below on Reserve Studies to get a sense of what makes Kipcon stand out from the rest.


We realize that many engineering concepts and services can be difficult to fully understand as they are not common knowledge.  At Kipcon, we are always looking to share our knowledge with the public.  This is evident by our frequently held seminars on industry-related topics, which will now be made into videos for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Currently, we have our Ice Damming Seminar available on our YouTube channel.  In the near future, we will also be publishing a video of our popular seminar on Blueprint Reading.

You can view our Ice Damming Seminar Part 1 of 3 below:



In addition to Kipcon seminar videos, we want to educate our current and potential clients on the unique services that Kipcon provides.  We currently have videos explaining Capital Needs Assessments and the Kipcon Green Reserve Study®.

Capital Needs Assessments:



The Kipcon Green Reserve Study®:



For more educational videos regarding our services at Kipcon, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


Stay tuned for more upcoming videos on subjects like blueprint reading, third party inspections, quality control, and paving.


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