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At Kipcon, we understand your unique design needs.

Our expertise in the engineering design industry means that we will utilize the most cost efficient solution, in conjunction with the most sophisticated designs, so that your project is functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Kipcon has the design capabilities to take a project from inception and design through construction and finally bring it to completion.

Our extensive inspection background allows us to understand the future cost and deficiency implications of the designs in order to avoid them. We also understand the demands of keeping jobs within their budget.

At Kipcon we pride ourselves in providing quality services on schedule. The following are some highlights of the engineering design services we offer.

Structural Design Services

  • Foundation and structure design for concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass etc.
  • Evaluation of failures and development of remediation plans
  • Adaptive Reuse, Renovations, Restorations, Upgrades etc.
  • New construction design (Including roofing, façade, building structure etc)
  • Plant facility Renovations/Additons

Civil Design Services

  • Site Planning
  • Storm water and sanitary system design and evaluation
  • Surveying
  • Environmental permitting and evaluation

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services

  • Detailed construction documents and specifications
  • Evaluation of failures and development of remediation or replacement designs
  • Commissioning
  • Including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems
  • Cooling Towers

Kipcon has the inspection and engineering expertise to evaluate your community’s construction needs and prepare specifications that can clearly and effectively define project details and scope. These licensed professionals can identify the cause of problems and the most effective remedial measures required.

All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon today and let us take care of your concerns.

Reserve Studies and Updates

A Reserve Study is a comprehensive, budget-planning tool. It consists of a physical and financial analysis of a community, based upon the common area components described within the association’s governing documents. It acts as a road map for planning the community’s maintenance, repair, and replacement expenses.

Our Reserve SpecialistsRS(TM), are recognized for their expertise in reserve studies. Our owner & founder is the coauthor of “Reserve Funds: How & Why Communities Invest Assets”.

Kipcon Reserve Studies meet all the requirements of:

  • The National Reserve Study Standards of the Community Association Institute (CAI)
  • The Guidelines within the banking industry promulgated by Federal Housing Adminstration(FHA), Fannie Mae, & Freddie Mac

We are the only firm to also offer a Kipcon Green Reserve Study®. The goal of this type of study is to help guide your association in reviewing the physical components of your community, and their relationship to the budget as they relate to replacements, maintenance, and energy.

Typically, 70% of the association’s budget is comprised of maintenance, reserves, and energy. By understanding the relationship between these parts of the budget, significant savings can be realized.

Site/Building Evaluations

At Kipcon, our staff is comprised of certified experts in the analysis of all site and building related issues; from drainage problems to water infiltration, through roofs and building exteriors. These evaluations include exterior site upgrades, structural surveys of the buildings supporting components, exterior repairs, and waterproofing.

Our analysis always includes a life cycle cost approach to remediation and upgrade projects; in which not only the cost of the work is evaluated but also the long term costs of maintenance and energy.

Litigation Support

While litigation is generally the last resort in the resolution of conflict, Kipcon has experience in the documentation and presentation of claims in support of our clients. This includes multiple claims types ranging from Transition disputes to other claims related to both the physical components of the community, as well as budgetary underfunding. Kipcon staff also has experience acting as experts in regards to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

GPNAs (Green Physical Needs Assessments)

Kipcon has the industry knowledge to keep your housing authority on top of the latest requirements through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Completion and submission of the new GPNA is required for all housing authorities within a year of adoption. Kipcon has the experience to help you with the implementation of the Green Physical Needs Assessment, we are offering our services to implement as well as assist in managing the GPNA process.

Transition Studies

Kipcon specializes in helping community associations avoid confrontation during transition; while setting the stage for your community to age gracefully. Kipcon’s professionals understand the common pitfalls of transition and can help negotiate to make the transition from developer to homeowner as smooth as possible.

At the time of turnover we verify that the community was constructed in general conformance with all applicable standards, and the design and disclosure documents.

Our studies include a description of each observed deficiency, the standard for which it is measured against, their specific locations, and a recommended course of action.

Risk Management

Third party inspections

Once construction begins, you can feel confident that Kipcon’s observations during construction will help you attain general conformance with the architectural and engineering design documents. These observations are typically performed on a regular basis throughout the construction process.

Our engineers not only identify and document deficiencies as they are observed, but also “close the loop” by re-inspecting the same location during the next site visit to determine if the necessary corrective work has been performed.

If requested, all deficiencies can also be tracked back to contractor performance as a measure of their effectiveness. In most instances, the results of our daily site visits are transmitted wirelessly from the field at the completion of the site visit using the most technologically up-to-date equipment.

Peer reviews

Kipcon brings invaluable engineering expertise to the process of reviewing documents prepared by its peers involved in the development of a project.

At Kipcon, our understanding of the interrelationships between design documents, various trades and the specifications enables us to identify potential risks early in the development process and bring them to your attention. In addition, we recognize the importance of proper detailing and coordination between the various trades involved.

Capital Needs Assessments

When you want to have an in-depth assessment of your building which will provide the condition of all major components from the roof to the exterior building and the mechanical systems, Kipcon can provide this service.

This report will include a description of all aspects of the building including an operational overview of all systems in regards to the ongoing cost of maintenance as well as energy.

  • Get the most accurate picture of your community’s physical and financial health.
  • Kipcon can review your funding plan & make recommendations on how much money you should be setting aside.
  • Kipcon can schedule an inspection for you and develop a priority list for repairs.
  • Kipcon can develop the specifications, prepare and distribute the bid package, analyze the bids and prepare a comparison spreadsheet.
  • Kipcon will meet with your board to review the best course of action and provide construction oversight once the project begins.
  • Kipcon will provide suggestions about how to save maintenance and energy costs!

Conversion Reports

In most instances, when a building is converted into the condominium form of ownership, an Engineering Survey is required. These surveys are to be used as a disclosure document for the new purchasers. At Kipcon we have extensive experience in the preparation and review of surveys of this type.

Energy Efficiency, Consulting, and Design

Kipcon provides a full range of energy efficiency opportunities for our clients. These include energy audits, building modeling, commissioning, sub metering, and incentive opportunity analysis.

Cooling Towers

For over 25 years, Kipcon has been designing new cooling towers and upgrading and inspecting existing ones.  At Kipcon, we pride ourselves in designing and delivering quality engineering that is timely, cost-effective and specific to each client

Drone Inspections

A new technology being offered by Kipcon starting in 2017 is a full complement of drone inspection services. The use of drones for this type of application requires certified operators and the most advanced equipment. In order to provide these services, Kipcon has entered into a licensing agreement with a firm that specializes in this service and is a recognized expert in the field. These services not only allow for visual observations of hard to reach parts of all types of buildings but also provide thermal imaging technology to identify locations of water infiltration as well as heat loss.


All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon or request a proposal today and let us take care of your concerns.

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