Seth Frumkin placed on the CAI-NJ List of Mediators

Seth Frumkin, Project Manager

Seth Frumkin, Project Manager

“In today’s world, everything seems to be geared towards confrontation rather than a solution.  Being trained as a mediator is a way to help change this culture.” –Mitch Frumkin, President


On October 20, Kipcon Project Manager Seth Frumkin attended the Mediation Training Course, which was hosted by the CAI-NJ Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.  As a certified mediator, Seth is now qualified to act as a neutral party in order to help resolve community disputes.


After attending the program, Seth spoke on some of his primary takeaways.

“Mediation is not about being a third person involved in the negotiation, but to facilitate negotiation between the two parties.  It’s a guided negotiation…It’s very important to be perceived as being objective from both parties.”


Seth now has the knowledge and ability to successfully assist disputing parties in reaching a mutual agreement outside of a courtroom.



-Adam Frumkin


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