Site / Building Evaluations

Magnifying glass and house.
Site / Building Evaluations

At Kipcon, our staff is comprised of certified experts in the analysis of all site and building related issues; from drainage problems to water infiltration, through roofs and building exteriors. These evaluations include exterior site upgrades, structural surveys of the buildings supporting components, exterior repairs, and waterproofing.

Kipcon’s licensed engineers, architects and building inspectors have been solving problems of all types for 30 years and bring a wealth of knowledge to all of our evaluations.

Kipcon now utilizes the latest drone technology for all of our inspection services. Building and site inspections are now more accurate and cost-effective than ever before. Learn more about our drone services here.

Our analysis always includes a life cycle cost approach to remediation and upgrade projects; in which not only the cost of the work is evaluated but also the long term costs of maintenance and energy.



All proposals are free of charge and we are always eager to present our offers in person. Call Kipcon or request a proposal today and let us take care of your concerns.

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