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  • "Mitch,

    "I am on the phone with Kathy Herity regarding [Property Name] along with the  Board. I want you to know that she is very impressive and I am happy that she is assisting us with this client. Very strong."

    from Paul Santoriello   l   President, Taylor Management Company / via Email dated January 27, 2014.  
  • " I thought the Webinar was very good and really appreciated Doug’s presentation. ... Anyway, I thought it was a great event, and really appreciate your company providing this free service.  It was very helpful.  It is a great marketing tool to get your name in front of us and provide us with knowledge we need.  Thank you. "

    Carl Patton of Cathedral West Condominium / via email on July 22, 2015 regarding "How To Read Blueprints" webinar presented by Doug Schnorr  
  • "As a firm we have finalized an internal “short list” of preferred vendors/ professionals that we strongly encourage our managers and Boards to work with.  We’ve selected vendors/professionals that are extremely responsive, do excellent work, offer fair prices, and represent our firm well.   We’ve also removed vendors/professionals that have not met this criteria.

    'We wanted to let you know that you are on our “short list”.  As a firm, we are expecting to add additional key sites and personnel over the next couple of months.

    "With the pool of vendors/professionals being narrowed down and the additional sites coming, I anticipate giving you more opportunities."

    from Brian Weaver, Vice President of Wilkin Management Group, Inc. / via email on June 16, 2015
  • "Leonard Tate did a very thorough inspection this past Tuesday, (nice guy too), have a nice weekend everyone!"

    from Martin H. Laderman | President of MEM Property Management / via email Friday, June 12, 2015
  • "Dear Mitch,

    "On behalf of the Board of Trustees at Homestead at Mansfield HOA, I would like to express our extreme satisfaction with the work that Brandon Femia did on our new Reserve Study. Brandon spent a considerable amount of time on the property, is very thorough and knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to work with. He provided exactly the amount of detail in the study that we were looking for and was readily available to meet with the Board and answers any questions when needed. Please share our warm regards with Brandon and we look forward to working with your firm again in the near future."

    Matthew Lubas, CMCA - Property Manager at FirstService Residential / via Letter to Mr. Mitch Frumkin dated July 20, 2014
  • " Thank you to everyone at Kipcon for a wonderful webinar.  My assistant and I both found it educational and learned some things that we did not know.  Thank you Doug [Schnorr]."

    from Judith McNelis, General Manager at Barkan Management Company, Inc. / via email July 22, 2015 in regards to "How To Read Blueprints" webinar presented by Doug Schnorr


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