Cooling Towers and Air-Cooled Condensers

Kipcon improves cooling towers through careful inspection and planning, bringing you the best possible results. We’ll work with you to make your project a success.

Our Expertise In Action

Kipcon’s Cooling Tower and Condenser expertise allows us to ensure that our client’s condensers and coolers are designed well, functioning properly, getting the maintenance and cleaning they need and that any future or replacement items are in line with the regulations governing such installations.

Our drafting and design experience allows us to craft detailed plans and drawings for your new cooling towers or condensers. If you don’t need a new system, we’ll take the time to work with you as we inspect what you have already and craft remedial plans for retrofitting your existing system as needed.

Inspections for Cooling Towers

Our comprehensive inspections are performed by licensed inspectors using non-invasive techniques. These inspections are vital because even the best-designed systems require things like cleaning, descaling, and debris removal. This cleaning and preventive maintenance may not always be top of mind but it can make a world of difference to the functioning of your condensers and cooling towers.

With our state-of-the-art drone technology, Kipcon can evaluate the current state of your systems or explore the space where you’d like a new or replacement item to be placed.

Design And Drafting

We provide structural designs for new cooling towers and adjustments (retrofits) of existing towers. From crossflow to wood, to counterflow to fiberglass to wet or dry systems whether they’re basin or basin load tables.

We pay careful attention to seismic, temperature, and wind constraints, and all of our efforts are designed to meet any code or owner requirements you may need to follow in order to comply with regulations or bylaws. From erection plans to fabrication details, we use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to draft and design the right cooling tower or condenser for your unique needs. We can do so, depending on the size of the project, in as little as four weeks.

Simply put: Our expertise in drafting plans for new or replacement towers and condensers delivers you some serious peace of mind in knowing that experts are planning your successful inspection, design, or retrofit right alongside you.

To learn more about how we can help you with your new or existing cooling towers or condensers, complete our contact form here.


If you would like to contact us and have questions about an upcoming project and need assistance, fill in the form below and we will contact you.


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If you would like to contact us and have questions about an upcoming project and need assistance, fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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