Pavement (Roadways & Parking Areas)

The state of your community’s pavement can say a lot about the community itself and can surely impact property values and homeowner satisfaction.

Clean, safe, and smooth roads improve property values because when the community is easy to navigate and beautifully appointed, people notice. But properly installing, repairing, and replacing pavement can be a large expense for homeowners and the association if it’s not properly planned for in advance.

So how do you plan for such an expensive repair or replacement situation?

At Kipcon we believe in starting every relationship from a place of mutual understanding and data-driven decision reserve studies.

We have extensive expertise in the evaluation of the condition of your roads and parking areas and have been the engineer for many communities in the preparation of repair and/or replacement specifications, bidding and project oversight.

As communities age we continue to support clients as we focus on the comprehensive life cycle of the community. Our life cycle approach to repairs and replacement is executed through a data-driven process called the Reserve Study.

Kipcon’s Reserve Specialists work with our clients to put long-term cost-saving measures in place so that they can feel confident as they make decisions.

This helps you and your fellow homeowners plan for, save up for, and take steps to reduce costs, save time, and increase the values of your homes and community as part of a comprehensive process that’s led by experts.

To learn more about how we can help you evaluate your roads and parking areas, click here.

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