Every building is made up of a façade which is the face of the building. The façade can be made of many different materials and is generically called the siding. While typically not included within the Reserve Study until its replacement will be needed within 30 years , it still makes up a significant part of the common elements that requires ongoing review and maintenance. From a property value perspective, the condition of the façade is of upmost importance.

If you’re not certain about its condition, Kipcon can help. Our industry experts can evaluate your façades and where it falls in the life cycle of your community.

The most common issues with façades tend to vary by the materials used and the age of the siding itself. Aside from weather damage, warping, buckling, and cracking are often the most noticeable issues. But things like moisture and splitting (with wood siding especially) can cause issues as well. Plus, if your siding fades it can impact the way your sites or buildings look to potential buyers, and affect its property value.

At Kipcon we use our expertise to help you plan for the repair and replacement of your siding and facades. This means you won’t be left wondering if now is the best time to make such upgrades.

Our approach to community life cycle planning involves a focus on the various key components of each building or site and an exploration of the cost, time frame, and compliance requirements for replacement.

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