Roofs can present challenges as they age.

From nail pops to weather damage, to leaks and traditional wear-and-tear, it’s important to recognize the potential issues that might arise and to plan accordingly. Things like loose, cracked or broken shingles might seem like isolated incidents, but if you’re thinking about them as part of the life cycle within your community, they could become bigger problems down the road.

So, we take the time to walk you through the remediation process.

It’s also essential to recognize the financial cost to your community to repair or replace your roof or roofs. Depending on the specific needs of your project or your community, your new or repaired roof could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you haven’t planned for such an expensive project, it may lead you to feel stressed and may require funds that you don’t have.

Communities need to consider the potential impact of neglecting to replace a roof.

Common questions that arise include:

  • What happens when damage occurs?
  • When is replacement necessary?
  • Is your Reserve Study adequately funded for replacement when needed?
  • If you have a longer warranty will it reduce your Reserve Study funding?

At Kipcon we take your roofing needs seriously. As industry leaders in roofing inspections, specifications, bidding and contracting administration, and Reserve Studies, we use the community’s life cycle to allocate money each year so that if and when your roof needs to be replaced, your community has the funding set aside for such an improvement.

This means that you’ll be taking the right steps to plan for and address an aging roof at the right point in your community’s life cycle.

Because our team believes in cost-effective approaches, we’ll also give you insight into what a lengthier warranty, different materials, and other improvements to your roof-replacement plan could help you to accomplish as far as reducing your annual funding needs.

To learn more about how our reserve studies connect with your roofing project to save you time, hassle, and money you can contact us here or fill out a form below.

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