With all of the structural types and materials used in a parking garage, they can be some of the priciest parts of your community to address when issues arise and are generally overlooked until significant repairs are needed.

Cracks, weather damage, joint failures and general wear-and-tear combined with resultant structural damage contribute to the safety of the structures and parking areas. In all cases, the damage is progressive and the sooner it is addressed the lower the life cycle costs.

So, how do you address the maintenance, repair, and replacement needs of your parking garages without spending exorbitant amounts of money on emergency or last-minute repairs?

The answer is to request an inspection and a Reserve Study from Kipcon.

Our team of experienced engineers, and other credentialed professionals, have years of experience addressing the most challenging parking garage issues. We are communicative, collaborative, and knowledgeable on how to help you navigate any upgrades you might need to undertake as your community grows and ages.

We offer high-quality and cost-effective options for tending to your parking garage repair and replacement needs.

The best route to take when that is your goal is to hire a trusted team to conduct a Reserve Study. Your reserve study will indicate the life cycle of your community including when each part of your community (including your parking areas) should be replaced.

So, once you know that information, your reserve study will help you plan financially to undertake those updates and upgrades. The Kipcon team will also make suggestions for higher-quality materials and approaches that could save you money in the long run. The result is that you and your community continue to thrive without fretting about costly last-minute or emergency repairs.

To learn more about how our transition and reserve studies can help you address your parking garage or other community needs, connect with us here.

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