Decks & Balconies

Decks and balconies are often some of the most sought-after features of a home or community.
These components require different types of plans to address their maintenance and replacement. In most cases these items are limited common elements which are the responsibility of the association. In both cases they provide an outdoor portion of the home that is accessed only from the individual unit. Decks are typically wood and used on buildings up to 3 stories in height while balconies are generally concrete and associated with high rise type construction.

As decks and balconies age they require different approaches to maintain because the problems that affect them are unique to each type of structure. Kipcon will work with you to discern the best route for repair and replacement and tailor it to your community’s budget and needs so that your buildings can maintain their property value throughout their life cycle.

But our team is focused on making repairs and replacements cost-effective for you. So, if we have a more appropriate way to address your replacement needs, whether that’s a new deck material or longer-lasting approach, we share that with you and integrate it into your community’s life cycle plan, the Reserve Study + ™, which is not what all engineering firms are designed to do.
But we’re not any engineering firm.

Certainly, unexpected issues may arise, but having your deck and balcony related needs in a comprehensive reserve study means that you can proactively tend to your community’s needs rather than simply reacting to them.

This gives you confidence while saving you time and money. In some cases, using a more durable material would increase the remaining useful life of your deck which means more time before replacement becomes necessary.

To learn more about how we address things like balconies and decks you can request a proposal here.

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