If your community features retaining walls you may be wondering about the longevity of their construction and what happens as they age.

At Kipcon our team of experienced professionals has helped communities address their retaining wall needs. We inspect, design, and implement new retaining walls to protect your property value.

Even today, it’s not uncommon that your retaining wall would be made of wood. But when it comes to the longevity of wood-based retaining walls, such designs can leave much to be desired. That’s why our team of engineers and other professionals may suggest that, when the time comes, alternative construction approaches and materials be used.

How do we come to such a conclusion?

The answer lies in the life cycle of the community itself and the involved costs. While a wood wall replacement with a wood wall may be the least expensive construction cost, the replacement with a wall of another material may allow for an extended useful live and removal from the Reserve Study resulting in significant long term savings.

At Kipcon, we focus on getting you the best outcome possible including finding cost-saving measures, like replacing a wood retaining wall with a stone wall.

To learn more about how we can support you as you plan for your retaining walls you can connect with us here.

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