In light of the recent Florida high-rise collapse, The Community Association Institute (CAI) created a number of national task forces to develop public policy regarding reserve studies, building inspections, and maintenance. Notably, Kipcon’s founder Mitchell Frumkin was one of the cochairs and the only engineer.

Mr. Frumkin’ s efforts on this task force, combined with hundreds of participants from around the country, helped to create a public policy paper that details the vital intersection of reserve studies, structural integrity, and maintenance. He is also assisting with a 6-month plan to review what the National Reserve Study standards say about these topics.

In addition to these efforts, Mr. Frumkin also provided his insight at two recent industry events where the intersection between inspections, maintenance, and reserve studies was discussed.

Kipcon’s Founder Leading The Way On Reserve Studies at NJCAI’s Latest Lecture Series

Kipcon’s founder Mitchell Frumkin recently spoke at NJCAI’s Lecture Series on April 28th. His presentation was entitled Monitoring Your Community’s Physical Conditions & the Future of Reserve Studies.

In this presentation, Mr. Frumkin explored how to put together a comprehensive plan to monitor a community’s physical conditions. He provided common examples of the signs of structural deterioration and shared the best steps to take after identifying such conditions.

Seth Frumkin also spoke at the presentation and explored the limitations of reserve studies, describing the additional steps that need to be taken after having a reserve study prepared for a community, including periodic maintenance inspections and diligent remediation planning.

Mitchell Frumkin is a proponent of the idea that reserve study providers create interactive, easily accessible reserve funding plans that make use of new technology, and his presentation shared the benefits of this approach as it pertains to navigating your own interactive funding plan so that you get the most out of it.

Kipcon’s Presence at The National CAI Conference: Bringing The Future Of Reserve Studies To The Forefront

Following Champlain Towers South collapse last June, there is a need to learn from the devastation and prevent future tragedies.

Kipcon’s founder Mitchell Frumkin was recently on a panel with Mr. Robert W. Browning, PCAM, RS, of the Browning Reserve Group in which the two discussed the key connections between periodic inspections, reserve funding, and maintenance. They helped attendees understand these three pieces of structural safety and how to take immediate action to reassure residents.

This panel was especially timely as both Mr. Browning and Mr. Frumkin helped craft CAI’s Condominium Safety Public Policy Report, released after the Surfside Florida tragedy, and shared how to keep communities safe from similar events in the future.

Mr Frumkin was recognized for his ongoing contributions to this effort at the conference when he received the Award of Excellence in Government and Public Affairs along with the other cochairs of these task forces.

Mr. Frumkin also presented a similar seminar on Building Safety at the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts annual symposium. This presentation was attended by reserve professionals from around the country.

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