Building inspections and evaluations can give you essential information about your building or property site. When it comes to making the most of your budget, you’ll want to be sure that the people you trust with your inspection are efficient, timely, and solutions-focused.

Experience Matters in the Inspections Process

Our certified experts have the education and experience to provide a highly effective building and site evaluation. Whether you’re concerned about drainage or water, exterior upgrades or structural surveys, exterior repairs, or waterproofing, our team can inspect and provide feedback on the parts of your property that matter most.

Our licensed building inspectors, architects, and engineers have familiarity with the issues you’re experiencing.

Innovation That Creates Results

While we’ve been in the industry for years, our team never misses a chance to stay on the cutting edge of the newest developments in inspections and evaluations.

That’s why our team uses the latest technology to conduct our inspections.

The old method for inspecting and evaluating buildings or sites involved a “guess and check” approach where property managers and owners would sometimes have to remove whole parts of their building to get a true indication of what’s needed.

But with Kipcon’s innovative approach, a drone fly-over can change all of that. Our drones feature thermographic technology that allows them to detect otherwise unseen water damage that can cause mold, rot, and leaks if not tended to properly. As they fly over your site or building, they take high-resolution images and compile those into a detailed aerial map of your project’s focal area.

This approach is especially useful when there are multiple buildings, when buildings or sites are complex, or when there are hard-to-reach areas of your building (like traditional skylights, for example). The drone can fly extremely close even in these unique circumstances and can create efficient, accurate images that you just can’t get from a manual inspection.

Plus, you’ll save time and money while receiving a high-quality evaluation fueled by extremely detailed images.

Truly Comprehensive Site and Building Evaluations

Our inspection process is streamlined and comprehensive, including a life cycle cost approach to upgrades and remediation projects. This means that we consider not just the cost of the work you need now, but the long-term costs of upkeep, maintenance, and energy needs. The result: A clear picture of what it will really cost to maintain and improve your site or building.


If you would like to contact us and have questions about an upcoming project and need assistance, fill in the form below and we will contact you.



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If you would like to contact us and have questions about an upcoming project and need assistance, fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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