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Finalizing Your Reserve Budget Contribution

Reserves, Adequacy, and new CAI Public Policy RecommendationsJoin reserve expert Mitch Frumkin, PE, RS as he answers important budgeting questions such as... What is an adequate reserve contribution for your Association? What are CAI's new public policy recommendations regarding reserve funding?  

Winter Worries: Ice Damming and More

Ice damming is a common problem for community associations every year with the onset of snowy and icy weather. The best way to combat ice damming and other destructive winter-weather issues is to be prepared. This free webinar from Kipcon will help melt away your winter worries by teaching you the ins and outs of […]

Reserve Studies, Structural Inspections, and Banking Inspection Requirements

Join Kipcon for a webinar presented by Mitch Frumkin, PE, RS, explaining the differences and similarities between Reserve Studies, Structural Inspections, and Banking Inspections disclosures, as well as the different types of maintenance and why maintenance is so important. Presented by: Mitchell Frumkin, PE, RS Click Here to View the Webinar: https://youtu.be/84btEQuUvgcAbout the Speaker Kipcon’s founder […]

Community Association Transition: Exploring The Process and Minimizing Risks

Learn the various parts of the Transition process from evaluating the adequacy of the reserve study included within the disclosure documents to the evaluation of your community’s common elements for proper construction. We will also discuss putting plans in place for future reserve funding to monitoring the structural adequacy of your buildings. We will also […]

Reserve Funding

We will be discussing how to develop a Reserve Funding policy for your community which provides both adequate funding and minimal risk. This program will include what a Reserve Study includes and how it works. The relationship between reserves, maintenance and structural adequacy will be discussed. Mitch Frumkin, President of Kipcon has headed up the […]

How to Read Blueprints

If you are involved with the replacement and update of common elements of your community, the ability to read and understand blueprints is critical. This knowledge is needed not only when the plans are used for bidding projects but also during construction when the work is taking place. In this webinar you will learn how […]

Replacement Specifications for Your Common Elements

When it comes time to replace the common elements of your community, such as the roofs and roads, in order to receive bids from contractors you will need a clear set of specifications that clearly outline what should be included, materials to be used as well as warranties and pricing structures which can easily be […]

Evaluation and Repair/Replacement of Your Pavement

This program will discuss the process for having the pavement in your community evaluated and repaired or replaced based on their condition in the most cost effective and efficient way with the least amount of disruption to the residents of your community. The work performed also generally includes associated pavement components such as the curbs […]

Structural Evaluations: What They Are and Why You Should Have One Done

In this webinar you will learn what a structural evaluation is and what it should include so that it provides the information needed to prioritize the various conditions. We will discuss the various levels of assessments including Baseline, Preliminary and Detailed Assessments. We will also include examples of these types of reports. Presented by: Mitch […]

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